Thank you for showing interest in the new version of Pinpoint Booking System. We've put together the most asked questions about version 3.0 and we answered them.

If you have your own questions, you can contact us here.

1. Will Pinpoint 3.0 version be responsive for both back-end and front-end areas?

One of the most common questions and one of the most requested features from our users was the responsiveness for mobile devices. Pinpoint 3.0 version will be fully responsive for all mobile and desktop devices and can be easily managed in both back-end and front-end.

2. Will I have access to version 3.0 of Pinpoint Booking System with my current licence? Will there be an additional cost?

As we previously mentioned in our Roadmap, there will be no additional costs. If you have a valid licence you can use Pinpoint 3.0 with it.

3. Will there be a free version for Pinpoint Booking System Plugin 3.0?

Yes, the 3.0 comes with a free version.

4. Is it possible to allow my users to book my services only when our shop is open? We want our customers to send booking requests only in this time interval, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Yes, thanks to the Availability and Schedule concepts, booking rules can be created to cover this kind of situations.

5. Is there a way of applying a 10% discount if the user pays full price when he is making the reservation?

This type of situations are covered by our new Conditions functionality. It manages the “relations” between different Pinpoint Booking System components (Calendars, Reservations, Extensions, etc). For example, some services can only be accessed if a user enters a coupon; depending on the size of the reservation, different down payments are required; you may require more information about a client that has booked more than 2 seats. All these scenarios are possible.

6. Pinpoint Booking System can be extended with WooCommerce. Will this functionality be changed in any way?

Pinpoint Booking System will have WooCommerce integration. We plan to improve some of the current features but they will be implemented only after the major functionalities from 3.0 will be finalized.