Administration – Locations

In this back end section you can create locations on a Google map, and add calendars to it. Each location can have multiple calendars which is ideal for business models that need to create more of them.

A location will display in Search Google map results if the assigned calendars are available.

Add a location

  • Step 1 - Click the "plus" button to add a new location.
Add a location

After you clicked the button, the location will appear in the list below.

Set location data

  • Step 1 - Select the location from the list to display the data.
Set location data
  • Item 2 - Change name.
  • Item 3 - Enter the address of the location. Google maps API will display hints depending on what you insert.
  • Item 4 - You can drag the marker on the map to point the exact location and to select the address.
  • Item 5 - If Google maps API does not display the correct address, but the marker is in the right position, you can enter manually the address you want to display.
  • Item 6 - Select the calendars that will be available at this location.

Share your location with PINPOINT.WORLD

Share your location with %sPINPOINT.WORLD%s
  • Step 1 - Select the location.
  • Item 2 - Name the location.
  • Item 3 - Add the link of your website. It will show up on
  • Item 4 - Add the image you want to display for your location.
  • Item 5 - Select what type of marker will show up on the global map.
  • Item 6 - Suggest a new business that should be in the list.
  • Item 7 - Choose what languages are spoken in your business/at your location.
  • Item 8 - Add your email address.
  • Button 9 - Submit the data.