Administration - Extras

Set extras & services that can be added to booking requests. It can be used to create any kind of amenity, service, etc. which you want to add to a booking request, with price or not.

You need to select the extras & services you want to use in calendar settings. Same extras & services can be used in an unlimited number of calendars.

By default, an extras called People is created, which manages the number of adults and children in a reservation.

Add extras & services

  • Step 1 - Click the "plus" button to add new extras & services
Add extras & services

After you clicked the button, the extras will appear in the list below.

Set extras & services data

  • Step 1 - Click the extras button in the list to display the settings of the extras.
  • Field 2 - Change extras & services name.
  • Field 3 - Select the language for extras & services.
  • Step 4 - Click the plus button to add a new extras group.
  • Step 5 - Delete current extras data.
Set extras & services data

After you clicked the add button, the discount item will appear under it.

Set extras fields

  • Button 1 - Click to Hide the Settings.
  • Button 2 - Click to Delete the Extras field.
  • Button 3 - Click and drag to Sort the Extras fields.
  • Field 4 - Change the name of the Extras group.
  • Field 5 - Disabled is the default value. Enable it if you want to select multiple options from the Extras group.
  • Field 6 - Disabled is the default value. Enable it if you want to be mandatory a selection from this Extras group.
  • Field 7 - Enabled is the default value. Disable if you don not want to multiply the Extras to be multiplied with the number of booked items in the front-end calendar.
  • Step 8 - Click the button to add an item to your Extras group.
Set extras fields

Set new item

  • Field 1 - Change the label for the new Item.
  • Field 2 - Select the type of operation you want to apply.
  • Field 3 - Set the price for the Item.
  • Field 4 - Select the type of price: Fixed or Percent.
  • Field 5 - Select how to apply the price: Once or Per day/hour.
  • Field 6 - Set as default
  • Button 7 - Delete the item.
  • Button 8 - Click and drag to sort the extras items
Set new item

Important information: The selection from the Extras section does not subtract availability from the total number available of a day/hour selection.