Booking calendar extensions

With the Pinpoint Booking System, you can extend your calendar to fit your needs. Whether it's added discounts, necessary further information, extra amenities and services, the booking calendar is customizable in any way you like.


With this extension, you can add extra amenities or other services to your customer's reservation. You can edit the extras in any way you want - make them mandatory, give them default values, group them or add them to as many calendars as you need.

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If you need more information from your clients before they make a reservation, you can add a form to your booking calendar. You can customize your form with custom-built text areas or fields, checkboxes or dropdowns. Also, you can add your form to any number of calendars that you use - so you don't have to create the same form over and over again.

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With Pinpoint, you can offer discounts when a client makes a reservation. You can personalize these discounts to depend on the length of the booking, to have a fixed value or to be calculated as a percent. Your booking calendar can be extended with an unlimited number of discounts, and your discounts can be used with all your calendars.

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Taxes & fees

If you have taxes or fees that you need to add to your client's reservation, you can put them directly into your booking calendar. They can be included - like the VAT tax- or not in the price of the booking - like the City tax. Also, you can choose whether or not to include the extras in these fees and taxes. For example, you could choose to include a 10% fee for additional adults or per extra kids in the room.

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You can extend your booking calendar by adding coupons or vouchers for your customers to use. They are fully customizable, you can set the precise ways in which these coupons can be used inside the booking calendar.

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Sending notifications to your customers or yourself, or your staff - to know when you have received a booking request - has never been easier. With this extension, you can create unlimited custom email templates, in any language, to be used with all of your calendars. Your email notifications can be configured to be sent with SMTP, PHPMailer class or with PHP mail function. You also have the option to send notifications by SMS that will be sent with Clickatell SMS Gateway.

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