Try this booking calendar for WordPress to digitize your business’s scheduling process and to improve the relationship with your customers at the same time. Pinpoint Booking System offers you the possibility to see calendars you have created alongside with all reservations made by your clients.

Enhance your calendars by including both translation changes, forms new locations, email templates, add-ons, and tools, so you can repair calendar settings and much more.

Integration & management

  • Create a Pinpoint booking calendar

    Create a Pinpoint booking calendar

    Go to Pinpoint Booking System in WordPress admin create a new calendar or duplicate an existing one. To use the calendar you must first edit and configure calendar default settings, so people can make booking requests through Pinpoint plugin.

  • Set availability and price for calendar

    Set availability and price for calendar

    Create a default availability for a calendar, add price and booking status. You can as well customize availability for a selected period time.

  • Customize your booking calendar

    Customize your booking calendar

    Set extras, taxes & fees and discounts for a seasonal promotion. Set the hours when your discount can be applied and to be added to booking requests. To use a discount, you must link it to your calendar.

  • Add the booking calendar in a page

    Add the booking calendar in a page

    To add a calendar to a page go to WordPress pages, add a new page and click on Pinpoint Booking System button from Text Editing Toolbar.

Default calendar example