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Impress your customers with the most powerful AJAX Booking Calendar out there.

Pinpoint Booking System


WordPress Booking Calendar

Intuitive and user-friendly calendar

Digitalizing your business' scheduling process has never been easier. All your client has to do to make a reservation is to select the dates or time intervals available on the booking calendar, and fill in the booking form.

It is so easy to use, it will raise your booking requests

The Pinpoint Booking Calendar requires no effort to use, because of the intuitive interface. Therefore, all your client has to do is click a few buttons for a reservation - no need to refresh the page for updates, because this calendar is AJAX powered.


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Offer bookings for any time period

One of the main characteristics of this booking calendar is flexibility. No matter the time interval that your service can be booked - it can go from days to minutes - you have the option to precisely define for how long the reservations can be.

Book days

Pinpoint is a comprehensive WordPress Booking Calendar for booking days and represents the perfect tool to face challenges around daily reservations. Therefore you will allow your customers to make online reservations in just a few steps through your WordPress website.

View demo

Book nights

This feature fits accommodation businesses like a glove. All you have to do is enable the Morning Check-Out feature, and your clients will be able to select the day they arrive and the day they leave - selecting the price per night of accommodation.

View demo

Book hours

With this WordPress Booking Calendar, you can clearly and precisely define your booking hours. For instance, if you want the service you offer to start at precisely 14:35, you can set the booking duration to fit your schedule.

View demo

Book hours intervals

To be more precise with your client's reservations, you can set up hour intervals. You pick the start and end time of the interval, and it will show up on the calendar - in different colors, depending on their availability.

View demo

Booking calendar management

What makes this booking calendar so user-friendly is that it's built around the What You See Is What You Get principle. This means that the back-end and front-end look quite similar - allowing you to see what your clients see, so you can easily adapt and improve your booking system.

Personal (1 Site / 1 Year) $70