If you want to digitize your business's scheduling process and make your website stand out, you can try our WordPress Booking Calendar. According to your needs, you can create as many calendars you want and set custom availability for each calendar you create. With a powerful Booking Calendar, you can both strengthen relationships with your customers and increase your bookings.

The booking calendar has a beautiful AJAX interface, making it easy for customers to create a fast reservation of your services online. Unlike any other booking calendars, Pinpoint has multiple functionalities that come along with it and allows your customers to book reservations right on your WordPress site. Either you run a hotel, beauty spa, a restaurant or you offer consultancy services Pinpoint is suitable for such industries since it is a multipurpose booking plugin.

Interface & management

  • Offer services by days/nights

    Offer services by days/nights

    The Calendar is ideal if you want rent your accommodations by days. You can set the availability/prices by days or by nights, using the Morning Check Out option.

  • Offer services by hours/minutes

    Offer services by hours/minutes

    This Booking Calendar gives you the flexibility to define the booking hours by the minute. Hence, you can define the booking duration with any value of a minute (15:00, 15:35, 15:44 and so forth). You can also set hours intervals.

  • Easy management

    Easy management

    Setting up your calendar availability and/or prices and managing customers bookings is very easy to achieve. The availability/prices can be set for the entire calendar or for a specific period of time.

  • Add calendar extensions

    Add calendar extensions

    You can customize the Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin using a rich set of functionalities to fit your needs by adding extras, booking forms, discounts, taxes & fees, coupons ...

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