Administration - Translation

You can have multiple languages enabled. Each language needs to be manually translated. To translate a language you must enable it first.

If you want to change the phrasing or the messages that appear in your Pinpoint Booking System Plugin you can change the text as you would translate it.

Set translation

  • Field 1 - Select the language for the Translation.
  • Field 2 - Select the text group to translate.
  • Field 3 - Search a specific text to translate.
  • Button 4 - Click to Manage languages.
  • Button 5 - Click to Reset the Translation.
  • Item 6 - Click to go to the documentation.
  • Item 7 - The plugin text area.
  • Item 8 - The area where the translation can be changed.
Set translation

Set language

  • Button 1 - Click to go back to the Translation section.
  • Button 2 - Click to go to the documentation.
  • Button 3 - English is Enabled as default. Click to Enable the wanted language.
Set language