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  • Not intuitive

    Not intuitive design. It is not clear that you need to click twice in order to select a single date.

    kivela1 week ago
  • Calendar not possible to edit from mobile devices.

    This is a great calendar, works perfect. But the most important doesn’t work. It’s not possible to edit the calendar from aan iPhone or iPad. I’ ve asked for several times, but nothing happends.
    I’m waiting since February 2018 to aan update. But I’m still waiting.
    That’s pity!

    caminabnb2 years ago
  • Perfect Front End – Bad Back end

    Back end administration can not be done via mobile or tablet.
    It means that you can not administrate with your mobile or tablet, I wish it could be done despite it was not responsive, but you can’t.

    skanthemore3 years ago
  • Won't support customizations

    Decent plugin but support is not the greatest. I paid for the premium version and also paid DotOnPaper to do some minor customizations. Since then the customizations have stopped working and when I reached out to support and offered to pay them to make some fixes they told me they won’t do it and to hire another developer. I understand not wanting to support customization, but it’s disappointing to be left high and dry with a broken plugin.

    I looked at using WooCommerce bookings, in hind sight this might have been the better course of action. They stand behind their software and have good support.

    Dan5 years ago
  • Not user friendly

    This is a solid plugin, however I have opted for another solution because this isn't user friendly at all. It's way too complicated and seem to be primarily aimed at hotels and similar. The fact that I have to set all of the calendar to "available" manually is a HUGE problem IMHO and is sort of a dealbreaker.

    Perhaps I haven't been using it right ofc. In either case, I'll be trying it again later on if another project turns up where it might be useful.

    patrikalienus5 years ago
  • No emails

    Email wont send to admin...!

    kalibridesign5 years ago