6 Examples

This WordPress plugin is intended to book anything anywhere anytime. So if you need functions or settings tell us and we will add them in future updates.
View the below examples to make an idea of booking system functionalities.

  • default-calendar

    Default calendar

    The calendar that will be displayed after you install the plugin, you create the calendar and set availability. All settings are default. You can change them, to adapt the calendar to your needs.

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  • woocommerce


    A list of examples to see how the booking system is integrated with WooCommerce.

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  • morning-check-out

    Morning check out

    With the “Morning check out” option you have the possibility to enable Check In in the afternoon of first day and Check Out in the morning of the day after last day (price by night). This option is very useful for hotel related businesses. This example contains Coupons, Discounts, Extras, Taxes & fees & other form fields.

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  • with-hours

    With hours

    Enable the hours, if you want to let your clients make an appointment, events, locations … This feature is ideal for bars, cinemas, clubs, restaurants, taxi companies, theaters, lawyers, consultants …

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  • with-hours-intervals

    With hours intervals

    Booking a course has never been easier. This is a good example on how to use “Hours intervals” option. Combine it with other features to expand the the usability of the booking system.

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  • default-search

    Default search

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