You can manage the way you get reservations notifications for your bookings from your customers. These notifications alerts will be sent via email or via SMS to your clients with the booking status and to confirm the actions that have taken place regarding reservations. Therefore, customers will know if their reservations are approved, rejected or canceled.

Configuration & management

  • Enable calendar notifications

    Enable calendar notifications

    Pinpoint Booking System has a couple of handy customizable notifications, therefore, these alerts can be customized from email templates. Go and enable the phone and email notifications to efficiently manage your reservation requests as you notify users regarding booking confirmations.

  • Configure notifications for your bookings with SMTP

    Configure notifications for your bookings with SMTP

    The emails can be sent through various methods. Thus, admins can configure and choose separately that email notifications for booking requests to be sent both to themselves and to users using the following methods SMTP, PHPMailer, PHP and WordPress mail.

  • Configure SMS notifications with Clickatell

    Configure SMS notifications with Clickatell

    To send SMS notifications and to create a better user experience for your customers, you first need to make an account on Clickatell platform to take advantage of this option. After creating your account go and enable and configure SMS alerts.