Pinpoint is a flexible and easy to use booking plugin which allows you to enable available hours for your clients, when they make an appointment or when they book an event.

This way customers can interact with a personalized booking process without having to call for booking confirmation. You can offer a service or a booking product with a defined reservation duration with any value of booking hours and minutes. This facility of booking an hour is also right for different industries such as cinemas, restaurants, theaters, lawyers, consultants, massage salons, coaches, advisors, barbers, hair salons, and photographers.

Integration & management

  • Enables hours for a Pinpoint Booking Calendar

    Enables hours for a Pinpoint Booking Calendar

    You can make your Pinpoint Booking System to accept hours. In Pinpoint Booking System WordPress admin, select the calendar you want, go to Calendar settings section and enable the use of hours and then define them by the minute.

  • Set availability for hours

    Set availability for hours

    Set default availability for all hours, or if it is necessary, you can customize each one individually. Hours can be displayed with statuses like Available, Booked, Special, Unavailable.

  • This is how hours will be displayed in your calendar

    This is how hours will be displayed in your calendar

    The bookable hours will appear after you select a day and change the data format. Hours are displayed with price and total number available and the unavailable ones are displayed in red and cannot be selected.

A live example with hours