First of all the PINPOINT.WORLD team will like to wish you a "A Happy New Year and one better than 2018!"

In this article we will give you an overview of where PINPOINT.WORLD and Pinpoint Booking System are heading. We will highlight the goals we achieved in 2018 and we will touch certain points, which are all geared to help our customers align on the vision we have.

And, the most important thing, in this roadmap we will give you an insight of version 3 of Pinpoint Booking System.

What we've done in 2018

Here is a small list to what we've accomplished in 2018:

  • We rebranded and redesigned our website so it can better serve our goal;
  • We made our website multilingual so that we can reach as many people as possible;
  • We launched the affiliate program to facilitate the sharing of our products and reward those who help us;
  • To increase transparency and keep you up to date, we created the blog;
  • We updated the documentation of the current version of the Pinpoint Booking System;
  • ... but the most time and resources, we invested in version 3 of our Booking System.

Introduction to Pinpoint Booking System v3

We have changed everything in version 3. We kept only some algorithms and familiar design elements. All changes and new features have been done based on the feedback we received from our users.

We have created a light MVC framework specific to our plugin to make it easier to add new features and make it compatible with other platforms. For developers we have added hooks for each action and filters for each result.

The UI has been modified to make it as clean and intuitive as possible. We also made sure it is responsive so that our users can access it on all devices.

So, what’s new in version 3?

Because of the huge number of new features and functionalities this will be just a basic enumeration of them. In future articles we will detail all of them.

The calendar

It is the symbol and the most powerful tool in Pinpoint Booking System. And we have made it better:

  • The availability can be set more easily and your initial configuration is saved so you can view it at any time. We have created a section called Availability templates where you can configure complex patterns to apply them to a calendar for different periods;
  • Days and hours statuses can be customized, and a worthy mention is the possibility to block a period that has a pending reservation;
  • Reservations can be created for a single day, multiple (non) consecutive days, a single hour, multiple (non) consecutive hours and multiple (non) consecutive hours in multiple (non) consecutive days;
  • The calendar extensions can be configured and visualized in a Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor;
  • ... and much more;
  • Also a Calendar templates section has been created, where you can create or save configurations to use in other calendars.

New concepts

Almost all elements in the new Booking System will have the following options:

  • Schedule & Availability - An element can be scheduled when to be visible to the users, and can be set when to be available in a reservation. For example, you can offer a coupon to your clients only at Christmas, for reservations that are made for the next summer;
  • Conditions - Elements can be configured to be used, or not, depending on your clients interaction with other elements;
  • Custom prices - All elements that can have a monetary value, will have the option to configure a set of prices by period or conditions;
  • The summary - It will be an overview for each element. Details about its configuration and usage will be displayed here and you’ll also be alerted if there are any conflicts or if certain conditions are not met anymore;
  • Groups - This is a calendar extension that will let you combine different other elements, to be visualised and/or selected in the calendar.

Calendar extensions

The most notable modification is that we have split the Extras into different extensions:

  • Availability extensions - They will have a direct impact on Availability and can be used to replace the current No of items option;
  • Amenities - Will be similar to the Extras from v2;
  • Products - They will be like any other product, with Stocks and Variations ... but enhanced with Schedules and Availabilities;
  • Services - For this extension a Duration can be set, making it possible to block a period of time after a reservation is mad.

All other extension like Coupons, Taxes & fees, etc have been modified and improved, but we also added new ones, like Down payments.

When will version 3 be released?

We plan to roll-out version 3 in three stages:

I. In the Spring of 2019 we will release the Alpha version

  1. The First Alpha Version will include the Calendars & Extensions (front end and administration area);
  2. The Second Alpha Version will include Reservations Management & Synchronizations;
  3. The Third Alpha Version will include the rest of the sections, like Locations, Businesses, Search ...

II. The Beta version

Based on how the Alpha version will handle and the feedback from our users, we will release the Beta version.

The Beta release will satisfy users needs by giving them a stable plugin. We will focus on fixing the bugs and growing our product by adding more features.

The Beta of version 3 will be developed and will run in parallel with version 2.

III. Final release

We will release version 3 and stop version 2 if the folowing conditions are met:

  • Version 3 will contain all features that are available in version 2;
  • The upgrade from v2 to v3 will be an easy and safe process;
  • All add-ons will be compatible with v3;
  • The documentation will be complete and well written.

Are there going to be any price changes? Simple answer: No

If you own a valid licence of Pinpoint Booking System, you will be able to get version 3 without any other costs.

We will not increase the current prices, but due to low sales, we will stop the sale of the Extended versions of our licenses. The Extended Licences that were sold will remain valid.

This year is a important milestone for us and we hope to create the best booking experience for you and your clients. If you have any questions you can contact us here.