Who we are and what we do

PINPOINT.WORLD is a startup that has the goal of becoming a portal that will directly connect people or entities that offer or need booking services, and will provide the tools to achieve this. We first created Pinpoint Booking System in 2012, a WordPress plugin that came with some innovations and is one of the best out there. And we know this because it was the "inspiration" of other that appeared after. Now, after thousands of clients and hundreds of feedbacks from different businesses, PINPOINT.WORLD is the perfect "next step".


How does it work if you are a business owner?


Download one of our plugins and install it on your website.


Configure the plugin to accept appointments and reservations directly on your website, according to your business model.


Share your location with us to make your business known to the world.

How does it work if you want to book something?


Enter the location and select what you want to book. A list of all businesses that are related to your search will be displayed into that area.


Visit the sites directly and see information such as details about the products and their availability.


If you are satisfied with the services and/or products offered by a business, you can book directly from its website.

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Earn 10% on each sale from a customer you brought has made. Just create an account, get your referral ID and start earning money.

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