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  • 5 months ago

    Good evening, we found that
    the plugin does not work with woocommerce and elementor pro, when you insert the widget it does not recognize the
    Use the "Add To Cart" button from (woocommerce), and a form appears with the booking not with add basket.

    We have also tried to remove all the forms but the problem remains. Is there a solution to the problem?

    We also tried with shortcodes, but I think it's somewhere else.
  • dragos dragos Support team #11458
    5 months ago


    Can you please provide wp-admin credentials in order to take a look and to investigate your issue?

    Pinpoint Booking System should work properly with WooCommerce if you attach the calendar from the product settings.

    Best regards,
    Support team
  • 5 months ago

    Good morning,
    I've included the data to investigate the problem better.
    The problem is that it does not accept the woocommerce cart, a form comes out to enter the data when we simply want to put in the cart.
  • dragos dragos Support team #11471
    5 months ago


    You added calendar id 4 in Elementor builder and that calendar was showing up for each product even if you had other calendar selected in product settings. If I delete a component from a product it will delete that component from all your products.
    You have to use products without any Elementor template.

    Best regards,
    Support team
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