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  • Powerful booking tool and amazing support

    The system is not easy to use but the documentation is good and support is great.

    codespinner 5 jahre vor
  • Excellent support + plugin

    Great support and the plugin is very useful

    notnicecream 5 jahre vor
  • Works great for my needs :) with good support

    I have been running this plugin about 7 months now. I use it for booking pony treks, riding lessons and seasonal camps for an equestrian centre. The ability to book a group of days, say mon to fri for week long camps as well as charge for individual 1 hour or half hour sessions is what sold me on this plugin. Most others only do one or the other.

    I have had one small issue since the install and the customer service had it rectified within a day. They even went as far as to go in and fix it for me on the backend of my wordpress build which I really appreciated.

    I am a web dev and the site I just get paid to maintain for a friend of a friend so not even having to go to the bother of fixing it for myself was great as we all know for a web dev there are only so many hours in the day.

    presswords2017 5 jahre vor
  • Excellent plugin + support

    Does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to customise and FAST help given where needed. Highly recommend. Thanks for a great plugin!!

    julester75 5 jahre vor
  • Works great and is malleable once you get the hang of it.

    We have used the Booking system before on a client booking studio time, that worked great. Recently we used it on a new system for a tattoo booking system and with admin support were able to tailor the booking system to out exact requirements for minimum scheduling and deposits through PayPal.

    be2016 5 jahre vor
  • One of the best booking plugins, good support

    One of the best booking plugins, good support

    lijndiensten 5 jahre vor
  • Great plugin and support

    I bought this a couple of hours ago and ran into some issues. Posted my issue on the Support Forums and someone from Support replied within minutes with a simple solution which immediately fixed my problems.

    wysie 5 jahre vor
  • Great Booking Plugin and Support

    I have tried various booking plugins for clients, but this is brilliant in its simplicity when in the back end. Clients, who are not so PC literate, still find it easy to use. Support is timely and helpful too. Highly recommended.

    Lindsay Heydon 6 jahre vor
  • Fast and efficient support !!

    Until now I'm very happy with these people and their plugin.

    JuancaWP 6 jahre vor
  • Best plugin & support

    First support.
    Best Plugin.

    I Love this one

    shimamura 6 jahre vor
  • A must-have if you’re in a booking business

    The plugin is very good, nearly perfect. I also bought the PRO version and never regretted it. Had to do some modifications to the code (my customer needed something very extraordinary) and I must say that DOTonPAPER really follows the “Code is Poetry” slogan of WordPress. Keep up the great work!

    joanmarch 6 jahre vor
  • Good plug-in with very good service

    Good plug-in with very good service.

    vyu0122 6 jahre vor
  • In my top 5 best plugins

    Really love this plugin, does everything that I want but whenever I need help, support threads are always answered straight away. I got the PRO package and if I’m being honest I feel like I’m getting far more than my moneys worth

    enack 6 jahre vor
  • Good plugin

    Very good plugin for easy use a calendar. The plugin is simple grip. The support is responsive and courteous.

    leamgsn1 6 jahre vor
  • Excellent Booking Plugin

    Great plugin with plenty of features and great flexibility for WordPress users. Congrats!

    Dimitra Rekkas 6 jahre vor
  • 0% intuitive

    Once you install it it’s impossible to figure out what to do next, the documentation didn’t help, im not going to pay for something this messy

    saphilc 6 jahre vor
  • Great Booking System Plugin

    Little bit tricky to get started with but excellent support from Sabrina which helped to point me in the right direction. Great plugin. Many thanks!

    kathrynmichaud 6 jahre vor
  • Great user interface

    Ok I can’t say anything bad without pointing out something good. The front end of the system is very nice and must of been designed by someone completely different that the person that did the back end. That said the order that the front end is presented is a bit off – with no way to change it. Case in point Reservations directions falls to about the 3rd item on the list after you’ve already chosen your date…

    My issues:

    1) Coupons – great but you only get 1 for every calendar

    2) Calculating ‘extras’ there is no 1 time Group Fee. Selecting One Time still adds any extra fees per reservations

    3) EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS DO NOT WORK. Very buggy. Notifications go out to customers but not Admins. Something is seriously wrong here.

    4) NO SUPPORT. Any support or comments is hidden behind a pay wall. You get ‘invited’ to the support portal after you pay for the plug in. Horrible practice for someone evaluating the software. In looking at the response time of people that do get suckered in – check out the response times.

    I’ve tinkered with this far too long. Installed SMTP plug ins ( not using gmail’s server ) to try to resolve the email issue as well as maintain an email log – and get nothing.

    I have 9-10 clients that use online booking systems. I’m evaluating alternatives and would of gladly paid for something with a great UX.

    jombie 6 jahre vor
  • Awesome booking plugin and amazing support!

    I’m only using the FREE version of the plugin, but it works amazing and looks great. I tried a few other booking plugins but none were as good as Pinpoint and integrated with woocommerce
    I had one small issue and Sabina from the support team responded to my issue quickly and resolved it on the first attempt.

    I definitely recommend checking out this plugin.

    chino1975 6 jahre vor
  • Good plugin & support

    I have the PRO version and I’m very happy with it. The support always answer my questions quickly so I will recommend the plugin.


    Luismin 6 jahre vor

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