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  • Best free booking client

    UPGRADED FROM 4 to 5 stars.

    Earlier comments below but one feature sorely lacking (mentioned by others) is that backend does not allow owner to EASILY put in bookings that have been made outside of the system. EG most accom providers use various websites to score bookings and those bookings need to be entered manually. All we need is the following fields active: 1/daterange of booking 1/Fullname 2/Source 3/textbox for contact details optional for admin.

    Currently we have to put full details incl email address and an email is sent which is useless.

    I have tried several booking clients and this one is way ahead of any other.
    Two things wrong:
    1..when going to DONATE for plugin, it takes you to product home page and no Paypal donation.
    2..there is no notification in admin CP that there is a booking eg you have to physically go to plugin and bookings to find booking. No biggie as email notify works fine.

    Some users are used to thinking check in first day and check out day after last day eg booking range 10-12 means departure 13th, whereas the last day is day of departure which is shown on page, but even better would be a tooltip that when user clicks first day it says ‘First Day’ and when user clicks end range it shows ‘Departure Day’.

    alistairg 6 jaar geleden
  • excellent

    excellent booking plugin, very good support.

    marcopictures_1 6 jaar geleden
  • A+++


    millemilaenvato 6 jaar geleden
  • Brilliant Plugin

    This plugin is perfect for my needs to run the booking for a small self catering cottage. I had a slight error when setting it up with woocommerce but the support was excellent – very quick and fixed the problem straight away for me even though I am only running the free version of the plugin. 5 stars!

    Vikzee 6 jaar geleden
  • Best booking plugin

    This is by far the most reliable and flexible booking plugin or WordPress I have found so far. Using it for booking escape rooms I have not found anything it would’t do the way I wanted it. As an extra plus, the support department is quick and accurate. Five stars from me!

    Ad Aerts 6 jaar geleden
  • great

    great plugin, great support

    maxborgatti 6 jaar geleden
  • gr8 job

    really nice plugin and i found him really useful.

    aroush12 6 jaar geleden
  • Well designed

    Loving this plugin, one of the best for visual booking on a calendar. Good integration with wooCommerce. Its not perfect for all business models. Waiting for extended features planned, especially multi day selection (when hours interval are enabled), detailed calendar front view (read only) for booked items, multi export feature and Google calendar sync.

    Support is efficient and very reactive.

    Many thanks to the team !

    cbleu 6 jaar geleden
  • A complete booking system that is suited for out needs

    This is the only booking calendar plugin, which has all the features we need.

    mwtada 6 jaar geleden
  • design quality

    beautifull lay out and easy to manage

    claudiabakker 6 jaar geleden
  • shame on every single person who gave a rating under 5...

    guys you did a fantastic job, design could still be improved if you want we can create some addon skins for you to integrate within your next updates

    we'll contact you soon

    DirectoryThemes 6 jaar geleden
  • Easy and cheap

    Easier to customise and way cheaper that other comparable calendar booking systems.

    rpmichael 6 jaar geleden
  • Not bad!

    Good solution for a paypal shop website :-)

    fefethepilot 6 jaar geleden

    This is the best booking system i try to now :)
    And i have try a lot of booking system last years.

    Keep up the good work!


    trondandre 6 jaar geleden
  • Easy, simple to use

    Setting up calendars is a breeze.
    Plugging calendars into pages is simple point and click.
    So easy...

    anthonyshcr 6 jaar geleden
  • Exactly the booking plugin I needed for my client

    After trying every free booking plugin available, buying two, I have finished in a day the job I’ve been trying to do for a week.
    Thanks for a great plugin, and excellent documentation, as well as lots of forum info for fine tuning.
    Thanks guys!

    JanT 6 jaar geleden
  • Full of features

    This is a full features plugin.
    It is well designed, pretty fast with a nice default front end theme. It is responsive too.

    The support is awesome, questions are answered quickly.

    You need to understand how it works, there are tons of options, to adapt it to your needs. Once this is done, it is pure pleasure!

    I would recommend this plugin to anyone who needs a professionnal booking system on wordpress out of the box.

    bongofm 6 jaar geleden
  • Unlimited Features !

    Book Wathever you want !

    Studio168 6 jaar geleden
  • Caracteristica disponible

    esta totalmente completo este plugin siento que no le hace falta nada

    isrgomez 6 jaar geleden
  • Easy to switch

    In switching from a SASS WebReserv system, this was the ONLY booking calendar that allowed me to match variable hour bookings.

    Support was also helpful and immediate- as they helped alleviate a concern regarding high volume, and provided a fix IF i get into trouble.

    mttorley 6 jaar geleden

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