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  • A great looking plugin - Not very customisable - No responsive dashboard

    I have to say it is probably the best looking plugin out there and it works well.
    Not very flexible if you want to customise text or enable/disable functionalities.
    Support in my case was slow - as in 2 weeks to get a reply.
    BUT the biggest complaint I have after 7 years of using it is that their admin dashboard is still not responsive!
    So if you are on the move its a pain to check bookings on tablet or mobile.
    It has been 3 whole years that they announced it as an upcoming feature in version 3 ..but now I finally get the joke - you can fit infinite numbers between 2.9 and 3.0.

    radiomango 3 anni fa
  • A struggle from the start

    When I first set up my site with this plug-in, I had to figure out many workarounds, as well as hunt for the locations of many features. The documentation was terrible and don't think it's improved much. Recently they switched to using Google API for connection to Google Calendar without notice and my sync to this calendar suddenly stopped working. Spent an hour trying to get it to work through Google API to no avail, Wrote to support several days ago; still no answer.

    poconovacations 3 anni fa
  • Terrible Support

    I asked very specific questions about what this calendar could do before trying. Support answered with one single line saying “yes.” Nothing more. So, I install and try it. It doesn’t do anything near what I need from it. This calendar so far from being intuitive. Even basic stuff that I would assume it does I can’t see how to make work.

    azcjw2000 4 anni fa
  • Good plugin, good support

    A good plugin for what I need (holiday appartment rental). I use the free version. I had some small problem, and the support was quick and efficient.

    jlcrucif 8 anni fa
  • Cannot work with minimun stay and seasons

    The plugin is good but is impossible for an hotel, or B&B to work without the season ..
    I cannot set a minimum stay in the high season ( 7 days ) and a minimum stay in the low season ( 3 days )…. this is vital for every business in the tourism ..
    Hope they can sort this out quickly, otherwise we have a super plugin but is not usefull..!!

    Nforzoni 8 anni fa
  • Not complete

    Great plugin, but it tries to cater for so many styles of booking systems that it lacks the specific features to make it a professional package for certain areas. I purchased it for a restaurant but could not use it as it lacked some important features.

    clandesign 8 anni fa
  • Bugs

    Its a nice plugin, with a nice support, but shows some bugs from out of nothing. Also a calendar for woocommerce integration search is not possible now.

    guidonietmann 9 anni fa
  • Not very customizable

    The product is nice and it works fine if you just stick to the English language and a default theme.
    The product has quite some features which are hard coded, which make it almost impossible to customize it so that fits with the rest of the site (theme, language).
    When discussing this with support they either don't understand what you're saying and give you a wild guess answer or just answer to live with it and that they cannot do more than that.

    phsab 9 anni fa

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