reservations doesn't update - payment_status and status remain pending


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  • 5 months ago

    sometimes a reservation doesn't update after successful payment via mollie.
    the payment_status and status remain pending and the token isn't removed from the entry.
    unfortunately (because of this) the reservation isn't shown in the reservation listing, what leads to problems in the process.
    Because the payment description in Mollie is shortened, there is no way for the staff to connect the payment with a reservation.
    Also because the reservation is stuck as pending, there are double bookings happening.

    so there are three problems:

    1. the reservation is not updated correctly after successful payment
    2. pending bookings are not visible in the reservation tab
    3. the description of the payment is too long, so it get truncated by mollie

  • dragos dragos Support team #13813


    This is happening because the payments are registered but there is no response back to our plugin to mark the reservations as paid.

    1 You need to create in your website a webhook page. ( create a blank page and add this shortcode : [dopbsp-mollie] )
    2 After that, you have to contact Mollie support team to add the webhook to your account (you will have to provide them the url of the webhook page).

    Best Regards,
    Support Team
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