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  • 5 months ago

    Could you explain these settings in a bit more detail please?

    'Enable Payment on Arrival'
    'Instant Approval'

    Am I correct to assume that 'enable payment on arrival' is to allow customers to make the booking but not pay, so that they can pay when they physically arrive at the location that they have booked? - so they literally hand the money over in person.

    I don't understand 'Instant Approval' though. I have this disabled on all calendars but as soon as a customer makes a booking and pays through PayPal then their booking instantly approves.

    How do I make it so that their booking is provisional (pending checks), until I manually approve it, when they're paying through PayPal? It always seems to automatically approve if they pay through PayPal.

    Thank you.
  • dragos dragos Support team #10832


    Regarding 'Payment on arrival' option, you are correct. This option allow users to pay on delivery with cash as you said.

    The 'instant approval' option will only work when using 'payment on arrival' and the reservations which involves an online payment (as PayPal, credit card and so on) will be automatically approved.

    Best regards,
    Support team
  • 5 months ago

    Thank you
  • dragos dragos Support team #10859
    5 months ago

    Glad to help.
    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues related to our plugin.

    Best regards,
    Support team
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