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  • 4 months ago

    Hello Team,

    1. Firstly, after selection date / time, and added user information then select payment Stripe. When we submit without entering card details it's not showing any warring/error (below the card info there is a loading dots keep running).

    2. After successful transaction it's coming to back calendar page without any successful message. Users will do not know whether it's success or not.

    3. How do we approach changing the format of following tags?

    When we use |PAYMENT_METHOD| it's displaying like this 'stripe' and we would like to change 'Stripe'

    For this |CHECK_IN| it's displaying like this '2019-08-15' but we need US time format like 'Agosto 15, 2019' (Month Date, Year)

    We are using latest booking pro (2.9.2).

    With Regards,
  • dragos dragos Support team #14032
    4 months ago


    1. The error will appear if the credit card info are wrong or the credentials from plugin settings are wrong. At the moment there is no error if the credit card is not entered and this issue will be fixed in the next update most probably. However, the reservation will not be made.

    2. You had set a redirection URL when the payment is successfully made and this will replace the success message. Once the customer will be redirected, it means that the reservation has been successfully made and there is no need for a success message. The success message will appear if you don't have a redirection URL set.

    3. Unfortunately you cannot change those tags.

    Best regards,
    Support team
  • 4 months ago

    Hello Team,

    Thank you for the explanation. Hope these points will be implemented in the next version.

  • dragos dragos Support team #14045
    4 months ago


    We already have those points on our To Do list and some improvements will be made on future versions.

    Best regards,
    Support team
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