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  • 6 months ago

    HI there,

    People have been contacting me telling me they are trying to book one of the condos but they get an error message.

    I just tried to make a test booking and here is the error I get:
  • dragos dragos Support team #13279
    6 months ago


    Just made a test reservation in Authorize sandbox and it worked properly. Is this the first time when the error appears? Do you have any expired certificates for your domain? If yes, try to remove them and test the payment system again.

    Berst regards
    Support team
  • 6 months ago

    Hi There,
    the problems seems to still be there unfortunately. Can you help in some ways?
    Thank you

    I just tried a test booking again and got the same error
  • dragos dragos Support team #13355
    6 months ago


    Did you tried suggestions from the previous reply?

    Also, since I can do a test payment and you can't, it can be caused by some wrong credentials. Make sure to check the credentials again (if possible reset them from the Authorize account).

    Best regards,
    Support etam
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