One of the first things you are going to notice about the 3.0 version is that our Administration Area has drastically changed. It’s all about convenience and user-friendliness. Everything has been re-organized to allow you to configure and customize anything in order to obtain the solution that your business needs.

So what exactly is changed? And why is it better? Let’s break it down together:

Improved Structure and Design

Instead of having all settings put together in one place, we’ve reorganized everything so that they’re systematized into multiple sections - System Administration, with Businesses, Calendars, and Extensions, and Reservations - specifically for booking management.

The administration panel from 3.0 is similar to the one on the current version - with the list of elements on the left side of the screen and the settings, along with the newly added summary and calendar preview on the right side of the screen.

The new administration Panel in version 3.0The new administration Panel in version 3.0

All items are listed from the newest to the oldest ones, on multiple pages if there are too many- as compared to the long enumeration of elements from version 2.0 that was harder to go through if there were many items added. To help you find the item you’re looking for easier, there’s a search bar under the add button - you can either type in the item’s id or name, and all related results will appear.

The configuration is divided into Main Settings - where you can find the basic configuration options and Advanced Settings - where you can add advanced configurations like custom pricing, custom availability, schedule, and conditions. And to help your management overview, there’s also a Summary and a Preview - where you can have a bird’s eye view or your settings and how they look like.

Intuitive Step By Step Configuration

In version 3.0, the settings are organized gradually, from basic to advanced customization. Any modifications made at the start of configuration will affect the remaining available options in some cases, meaning that conflicting settings will be removed. For example, if your calendar’s set to accept reservations by night and day, then settings for the hour configuration will no longer show up.

Available options are displayed according to the type of the item you’re currently editing. This means that the settings that you see are customized for each kind of item you’re working with - increasing specificity and simplifying customization.

The purpose of these changes was to prevent you from being overwhelmed by having to go through unnecessary settings - something that was prone to happen in the current version.

Any modification that you make is saved and the calendar is updated immediately - so there’s no risk of losing your configurations if you lose your internet connection or accidentally refresh the page!



This section is a map of all configurations made in the administration section. Here, you have all the available options for the type of item, with the values that you’ve set. All features are grouped based on categories in collapsable lists, so you can select to see only the ones that you’re interested in. Additionally, if you want to modify something, you can do so just by clicking on the respective feature in the summary and you will be taken to its settings.

Calendar Preview

On the right side of the screen, there is the calendar preview. With this addition, you can see how your modifications will affect the booking calendar in real-time, without having to leave the page. There are 4 preview modes for your calendar - you can see how your calendar will look like on different devices, with multiple sizes - with the resize function. You can also check the way your calendar will look like at a certain date in the future - especially when schedule and availability are used - due to the time-machine function. There is also the feature of setting availability based on the current reservations - if you want to see the way your calendar looks for your clients, you can add the existing bookings to your preview.

Responsive Interface

Compared to the 2.0 version, all components in the administration section, along with the admin panel, are now completely responsive. Therefore, you can now edit and control the booking system right from the comfort of your mobile phone, whenever, wherever. This affects productivity in a positive way since you are no longer bound to a small number of devices to manage your business.

With the current version having a lot of options, and the 3.0 adding even more options to create unlimited possibilities for configuration, we will prepare dedicated support team to help you configure your booking system for the Pinpoint.World version.

In essence, these are the main changes that the administration area has gone through with Pinpoint Booking System 3.0. For more information subscribe to our newsletter and, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them to us here.