Before we begin, we hope you had a wonderful year so far, but nothing compared to what the rest of the year holds! We know we promised some things last year, but sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. And since flexibility and transparency are some very important values, we are going to share with you where we are and what our plans are for this amazing year.

Where We Are and Where We Want to Go

Here are some things that we are proud of:

  • New year, new website - our website is looking better than ever and we feel that it will help us accomplish our goals!
  • The blog is up and running - where we inform you of our plans and what you should be excited for
  • We worked continuously to make our product better and to answer all of your inquiries

However, as you might have noticed, version 3 is not up and running just yet. The reason for the delay is the fact that the Alpha version wasn’t user-friendly and hard to use. Because of that, there were no explanatory articles and Q&A sessions - the Alpha version had to be redesigned.

But we have great confidence that during Summer, you will meet another version of the Pinpoint Booking System - so save the date! In the meanwhile, let’s remember why you should be excited for the 3rd version of our product! To be on the same page, here’s how the timeline for the next months will look like:

I. February

Redsys Payment Gateway

The current version of Pinpoint offers a couple of payment gateways to choose from. But why not more? In response to that question, we decided to integrate more payment gateways, and Redsys will be our first addition, to offer more variety and to be sure that all your needs are fulfilled by Pinpoint Booking System.

New WordPress Themes

While we think that the general, simple design of our booking calendar is great, we feel that there could be more variety. Therefore, we plan on adding more WordPress themes compatible with the Pinpoint Booking System.


Alpha Online Administration

In March, we plan to roll out the administration area for the Online Alpha version, along with the documentation for the 3rd version for the Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin. The 3.0 and 2.0 versions of the plugin will both be available until the end of the year.

III. April

Alpha Version of WordPress Plugin

By the end of April, the Alpha Version of the Pinpoint Booking System WordPress Plugin will roll out. As soon as the Alpha version is out, we will come up with a timeline for the 3.0 version of Pinpoint, so you’ll know what’s coming next.

Online Version

This is a new concept. A different service, but with similar functionalities, to make your life easier. With the online version, you will be able to own a booking calendar, without necessarily having to create a dedicated WordPress page.

The online version will allow you to use the Pinpoint.World website to your advantage, using it as a platform for your website.

If you have the 3.0 version, your business will be promoted on the Pinpoint website through the online version of the plugin.

BETA Version 3.0

New calendars, new concepts, new everything. We’ve only kept some algorithms and some design elements that are familiar. All that was changed was done based on your feedback and suggestions. So what’s the excitement about?

New Booking Calendars!

  • Custom bookings - made for one day or hour, multiple (non) consecutive days or hours.
  • Calendar templates save your configurations and use them in other booking calendars.

New Concepts!

  • Schedule & Availability - you will be able to schedule when you want an element, like coupons, to be visible or ready to use.
  • Conditions - you can configure the way in which clients interact with certain elements based on their behavior.
  • Custom prices - you will be able to modify prices according to conditions or period of time.
  • Summary - an overview will be available for each element - the details about its configuration and how it can be used will be displayed here.
  • Groups - combine different elements in the calendar, to be selected or visualized.

New extensions!

  • Availability extensions - can be used to replace the current No of Items option
  • Products - similar to any other product, with Stocks and Variations, but enhances with Schedule & Availabilities.
  • Services - set a Duration, making it possible to block the period of time after a booking is made.

Most extensions have been modified but new ones have also been added, like Down Payments. But for more information, you will have to wait until Spring - when the Alpha version will be launched!

Long story short - we have big plans for the near future! All that was changed was done based on your feedback and suggestions - so we would like to thank you for that. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them to us here.